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Wedding dress retailers, Brideside and Floravere, have unfortunately had to close their doors, and as a result, we understand there may be several brides who will not receive their dress order. It is a very uncertain time for many and we would like to do our part to help.

To help brides who ordered their dresses but will not receive them, we'd like to offer a 15% off discount on all wedding dresses. All we need is a photo of your Brideside or Floravere receipt, ordered within the last calendar year.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Eligible for US and Canadian Customers
  • Must provide a valid receipt from either company, dated no earlier than January 1, 2020. 
  • Discount valid on wedding dresses only.
  • Discount cannot be applied to multiple bridal gowns. 
  • One discount per customer. 
  • Discount Deadline is 3/31/21.

Keep in mind that Brideside and Floravere have some key differences from us, so if you plan to order with us, be sure to review the following information: 

  • Sizing - Our sizing may differ from Brideside and Floravere so be sure that you measure your bust, waist, and hips and compare those to our Size Chart to determine your sizing. You can find our measuring guidelines on this same page. 
  • Turnaround - We are a made to order company so it can take 3-4 weeks for us to make a dress plus 1-10 days for delivery. But we also have a selection of Ready to Ship and Try-On dresses that take 1-3 days for processing plus 1-10 days for delivery. 
  • Color Options - Our color options won't be the same as those offered by Brideside and Floravere, but we do offer a variety of colors and we may have something similar to what they offered. If you have time before your event, we recommend ordering some color swatches

bridal gowns, azazie, wedding dresses, discount, sale, coupon

Please reach out to us at so we can see how we can help you today. 

Love Is Not Cancelled Giveaway Wrap-Up: Which Dresses Did the Winners Choose?

This past May and June, Azazie held a “Love Is Not Cancelled” Giveaway on social media to help out 50 recently-engaged women whose weddings had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked real brides-to-be to share their personal stories during this challenging time and the winners received a FREE Azazie bridal gown of their choice for their big day! 

It is our pleasure to help each of these women celebrate the love and joy in their lives, and bring them hope at a time when we all need it most. We would like to share with you the stunning Azazie bridal gowns these giveaway winners chose as their forever dresses!

Megan chose the sweet and lacy midi-length dress Lilly for her special day!


Giveaway winner Megan Z. has been working in the ICU caring for COVID patients, along with her fiance. Although she has postponed her wedding to an unknown date in order to keep her family safe, she has been hoping to have a smaller ceremony in an Azazie dress! Read all of Megan’s COVID story here.


Cauriana chose the beautiful princess gown Melrose for her special day!


Giveaway winner Cauriana J. has been struggling to pay for her wedding, and didn’t know if she’d be able to afford a dress. She loves Azazie because of the affordable prices and had chosen her dream dress before even entering into the giveaway! Read all of Cauriana’s COVID story here.

Dailisia and Tara chose the Lafayette Wedding Dress for their special days!

lafayette-diamond white&nude.side

Giveaway winner Dailisia S. had to postpone her large wedding celebration, as COVID made it impossible for visiting family members to the US from Trinidad. 

Giveaway winner Tara G. shared her story of a knee injury, delaying her wedding an entire year, and then the COVID pandemic delayed it further.

Read all of Dailisia’s and Tara’s COVID stories here

Elana chose the Honeydew Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Elana T. shared how 2020 has affected her life. With a tornado hitting her neighborhood in Nashville, working in the ICU as an ER physician, and recovering from COVID-19 herself, a wedding is exactly what she needs to lift her spirits! Read all of Elana’s COVID story here.

Emily, Hailey, and Lexi all chose the lacy and majestic Rowe Wedding Dress for their special days!


Emily T. kindly shared her story of hardships before COVID-19 even began, with a death in the family, both grandparents ill, and her own grad school graduation cancelled due to the quarantine. Read Emily’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Hailey H. is a devoted healthcare worker, who’s compassion, positivity, and hard work has given her community so much hope despite the difficult circumstances. Read Hailey’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Lexi C. was eager to wear an Azazie dress for her wedding, but since her fiance was furloughed, they were struggling financially to hold the wedding. Read Lexi’s COVID story here.

Tonni chose the Dulce Amor Wedding Dress for her special day!

Dulce Amor

Giveaway winner Tonni D. is eager to marry her fiance who had been planning to immigrate to America from Nigeria. Due to the pandemic, his interview with the US Embassy was cancelled along with their wedding. We hope a free Azazie dress will lift Tonni’s spirits during this difficult time. Read all of Tonni’s COVID story here.

Jin, Carla, and Mabel chose the sweet and playful Azul Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Jin C. has been fighting on the frontlines ever since the Coronavirus hit New York City. Working more than 12-hour shifts, the physical and emotional toll has been tremendous. Read all of Jin’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Carla G. is a pilot in the US Air Force. With the restrictions of the pandemic shut down she is not allowed to leave her local area to have a wedding. Read all of Carla’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Mabel C. is a surgery resident physician in one of the busiest NYC hospitals during the pandemic’s outbreak epicenter, New York City. Read all of Mabel’s COVID story here.

Chelsea chose the sweet, tea-length Dolores Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Chelsea L. is a nurse at Stanford Healthcare on the front lines, dealing with hardships everyday. Due to her Fiancé’s mother being diagnosed with brain cancer, she would love to have her wedding as soon as possible and Azazie is happy to help by providing her a beautiful wedding dress. Read all of Chelsea’s COVID story here

Casey chose the sleek and romantic Dahlia Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Casey D. already had her wedding delayed once due to a frightening head injury in 2018. Two years later, she won’t let a pandemic get in the way, opting for a small and intimate ceremony with her family. Read all of Casey’s COVID story here.

Corryn and Klaudia chose the Cynthia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Corryn C. was devastated when her dream wedding was cancelled. After finally choosing a new date, she is determined to make that dream wedding a reality despite the pandemic. Read all of Corryn’s COVID story here

Giveaway winner Klaudia W. and her fiancé are both frontline workers living on Long Island, which was one of the hardest hit areas during this pandemic. They have been staying isolated from their family and are likely going to have a small wedding. Read all of Kaudia’s COVID story here.

Carrie chose the Effie Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Carrie G. is struggling financially to have her dream wedding, since both she and her fiance lost their jobs due to the COVID shutdown. Read all of Carrie’s COVID story here.

Sabrina chose the magical and feminine Rhapsody Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway Winner Sabrina K. fell in love with Azazie after getting engaged last year and had been dreaming of finding the perfect wedding dress! Now, with all the bridal boutiques closed, she was afraid she wouldn’t find her dress in time. Read all of Sabrina’s COVID story here.

Dillon chose the Pepper Wedding Dress for Chelsea to wear on their special day!


Giveaway winner Chelsea was nominated for our giveaway by her loving fiance, Dillon. Chelsea is working hard everyday on the front lines of the COVID pandemic and Dillon knows she deserves a beautiful wedding dress. Azazie is excited to help Dillon surprise his fiancée with a free dress for their wedding! Read all of Chelsea’s COVID story here.

Heather chose the regal and glamorous Charmaine Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Heather S. was impacted both financially and personally by coronavirus. Her wedding had been planned for April, but after being laid off from work and her own daughter getting COVID-19, finding a beautiful wedding dress seemed nearly impossible. Read all of Heather’s COVID story here.

Christina chose the Ivana Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Christina L. works in San Jose at the County Hospital in the Level 1 Trauma unit in the ER and has been taking extra precautions since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With all the bridal stores closed, she was unable to shop for a dress in person so her sister Annie asked Azazie to help her out. Read all of Christina’s COVID story here.

Hannah chose the sleek and romantic Kira Weding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Hannah Z. shared how her grandmother passed away soon after she got engaged. The COVID shutdown occurred and she was unable to go to her dress fitting or have the large wedding she had been planning for. Not letting the pandemic get in the way, she opted for a small ceremony in her fiancé’s backyard. Read all of Hannah’s COVID story here.

Sam chose the Behati Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Sam A. shared how her grandfather and cousin had both recently passed away when COVID-19 hit. She and her fiancé are hoping that their wedding will be able to bring a bit of joy to their mourning family. Read all of Sam’s COVID story here.

Kelly chose the Monique Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Kelly R. was expecting a large wedding ceremony with lots of friends and family before the COVID pandemic. When everything shut down, she had to come to terms with the new plans. Although she won’t have the big exciting celebration she had hoped for, she will have everything she truly needs - her favorite man and her favorite Azazie wedding dress! Read all of Kelly’s COVID story here

Joe chose the Eartha Wedding Dress for his sister’s special day!


Giveaway winner Brooke Y. has been waiting many years to marry the love of her life, and has made many sacrifices including donating a kidney to her fiancé for a transplant. Nominated by her brother Joe, Azazie is excited to help him surprise his sister! Read all of Brooke’s COVID story here.

Alyce chose to wear the chic, tea-length Peggy Wedding Dress dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Alyce J. is a police officer in San Diego along with her fiancé, and had her wedding planned for June before the pandemic. When everything shut down, she lost money she had been investing for the wedding and began working six days a week to make up for the loss so that she can still afford to get married this year. Read all of Alyce’s COVID story here.

Shreya and Sheron choose the Kia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winner Shreya A. decided to elope in May after working a 30-hour overnight shift in the ICU. Her family was devastated to have missed it and to be unable to see their daughter during this trying time. This brave hero is still dreaming of walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress surrounded by her family. Read all of Shreya’s COVID story here.

Giveaway winner Sheron S. was struggling to plan her wedding due to the pandemic shut down. Unable to go wedding dress shopping with her mother, her fiancé was working 13+ hours a week on the front lines, and her family was unlikely able to travel to the ceremony. Read all of Sheron’s COVID story here.

Sueanne chose the Ophelia Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Sueanne B. was planning to have a destination wedding in Maui, but  due to the pandemic shut down, she and her fiancé were unable to travel to find a venue, and will likely have a small wedding at home. Read all of Suanne’s COVID story here.

Edna and Sara chose the lacey, sultry Priscilla Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway winners Edna J. and Sara Z. are both hard working, healthcare heroes. Edna, a recently graduated nurse, is currently working on the front lines during this pandemic, while Sara is a dedicated pediatric nurse. Read all of Edna’s COVID story here. Read all of Sara’s COVID story here.

Shin chose the Meghan Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Shin W. works tirelessly as an oncology nurse at UCLA Medical Center, working with COVID patients in the ER and ICU. The front line hero has isolated herself from everyone in order to keep her family safe, but is still planning to marry the love of her life! Read all of Shin’s COVID story here.

Amanda and Naomi chose the lacy, off-the-shoulder Antonia Wedding Dress for their special days!


Giveaway Winner Amanda C., a hard-working nurse practitioner, was planning a romantic vacation with her fiancé when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and suddenly was working overtime on the front lines. Read all of Amanda’s COVID story here.

Naomi K. works in the entertainment industry and has been out of work since COVID hit, but hopes to go to Australia to celebrate her wedding with family. Read all of Naomi’s COVID story here.

Maegan chose the Adeline Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Maegan F. recently lost her job at a daycare due to the COVID shut down, and will only be able to work part time when she starts student teaching. She feared that she and her fiancé wouldn’t be able to afford a dress for her wedding. Read all of Maegan’s story here

Evelyn chose the playful and elegant Robin Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Evelyn S., a hard-working nurse and Health Director at a senior living home, was hit hard with the COVID shut down. After spending much of her and her fiancé’s savings planning a March wedding, the sudden non-refundable cancelations was a tough financial blow, especially with their two kids. Read all of Evelyn’s COVID story here.

Akilah chose the Jojo Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Akilah W. had to delay her wedding due to her unexpected pregnancy! While she would like to have a large ceremony, she and her fiance are planning a small and intimate wedding in the meantime and she found the perfect dress at Azazie! Read all of Akilah’s COVID story here.

Elizabeth chose the traditional and romantic Araminta Wedding Dress for her special day!


Giveaway winner Elizabeth S. came across Azazie right when the COVID shutdown hit New York, and all the bridal boutiques closed. Grateful for an alternative option, Elizabeth was amazed at how easy and intimate Azazie’s At-Home Try On Program was and was able to “say yes to the dress” at home with all her family! Read all of Elizabeth’s COVID story here.


Azazie wins the award for the Best E-Commerce Experience! | Glossy Beauty and Fashion Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Azazie has won the Glossy Beauty and Fashion Award for the Best E-Commerce Experience! Glossy recognized Azazie for our innovation in e-commerce and for reinventing how people shop for bridal wear online. Through our At-Home Try On Program, we have developed the largest sample program in the industry, allowing our customers to try on dresses in their own homes before making a purchase. We also have a Virtual Showroom that gives brides the ability to collaborate with their bridal party online. Learn more about what makes Azazie the best e-commerce experience!

dusty blue, sky blue, bridesmaid dresses, wedding

Image: @laurenrinaudophotography

The Azazie At-Home Try On Program

We know how important it is to ensure that the size, style, color, fit, and quality of your bridal or bridesmaid dresses are perfect for you. With so many options online, we know it’s difficult to buy a dress without seeing and trying it on in person. Our At-Home Try On program lets you try up to three bridesmaid or mother of the bride dresses for $10 each, and up to three bridal gowns for $15 each. Since we do not have any actual stores where you can try on dresses, it’s our goal to make the process as effortless as possible! We provide free shipping both ways. Schedule a Try On Party with your whole squad! Send the sample dresses back to us using a prepaid shipping label within a week of you receiving them. Then order your favorite dress and have it made to order by!

At-Home Try On steps, Azazie

At-Home Try On, Azazie, Everett, Cabernet, bridesmaid dress

The Azazie Virtual Showroom

No matter how far away you are from one another, brides can connect with bridesmaids through our Virtual Showroom! Invite your squad to the showroom to share and comment on your favorite styles, and keep everyone up to date on your planning. You can experiment with different styles and colors to create the perfect bridal party look and pick styles that best suit your bridesmaids. The online showroom makes it easy to keep track of the dresses your bridesmaids have picked and helps to coordinate the ordering process. It helps to keep the bride organized and avoid complications like dresses not ordered on time or bridal party members ordering the wrong color or fabric. All of our dresses are made to order, so if you order all the dresses through the Virtual Showroom, they’ll be made from the same dye lot to ensure the colors match. Our Virtual Showrooms also provide each dress’s production time so you know how far in advance you need to order your dresses. Create an account and start shopping with your squad.

bridesmaid dresses, dusty rose, vintage mauve, wedding, bridal party

Image: @karlielliottphotography

Read about the award >>>

Shop for your bridesmaid dress >>>

Shop for your bridal gown >>>



Love Is Not Cancelled - The FINAL WEEK| Congrats to the last of the Giveaway Winners!

The Wedding Dress Giveaway has officially ended, and we are proud to have helped so many brides-to-be who have struggled in the midst of COVID-19. Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the virus. Here are the final 7 winners of the Giveaway!

Akilah W.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

My name is Akilah W. and I am a bride who was very much looking forward to getting married in July 2020 to the man I've always prayed for! We got engaged July of 2018 and were going to get married in July of 2019 on the anniversary of the proposal. A few months later, to our surprise, we found out we were expecting and the baby was due the month before we planned to get married. We decided to push the wedding back to July of 2020 because I wasn't sure how the pregnancy and delivery would go and I wasn't sure I'd be healed in enough time. I'm glad we made that choice because I ended up having a moderate risk pregnancy. I had a long and painful recovery, but I am so much better now and just when I thought we were all cleared to get married, Coronavirus comes along.

It is a very sad time for this world and it has personally affected us in a few different ways, but we try to always look on the bright side of things! Even though it's not the way we wanted to do it, I can still marry my amazing fiancé!

We have been forced to push our dream wedding back again, but in the meantime, we would still like to get married on the anniversary of the proposal. Honestly, it feels like destiny in a way because my parents just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last month so it is going to be awesome to be getting married 30 years after they did!! I am saving the dress I got for our big wedding for whenever we are finally able to have it, so I set out to look for another dream dress for our smaller wedding. Lo and behold, I found it at Azazie!!! I was already very familiar with Azazie because that is where my bridesmaids will be getting their dresses when the time comes for our larger wedding! Scrolling through the bridal gown section, I immediately fell absolutely in love with the Azazie Jojo BG!!! It is perfect for me! The only issue is that I already had a set budget for a dress and that budget was spent on the dress for the bigger wedding. I don't want to wear the same dress twice so I really would like to win the Jojo dress!

Imagine my joy when I came across this amazing giveaway!!! I very much appreciate Azazie doing this giveaway in this time of need as I know many brides are in need and have lost a lot of money and dreams behind this pandemic. Thank you for considering my entry and I hope that the Azazie team is staying safe and healthy!! Love to you all.

Sam S.

My partner and I are both resident physicians in the hardest hit COVID area in the world, New York and New Jersey.  Eddy is a resident anesthesiologist at Northwell Health, every day he is called into the ICU to care for and intubate the sickest patients with COVID.  I myself am a labor and delivery resident doctor, every day I push with, and operate on patients who have COVID, and decide care for very sick pregnant patients with COVID.  We love what we do, and wouldn't give up the opportunity to help other people for anything in the world, though at times it can be trying.  As new doctors we are collectively in very much debt from medical school (more than half a million between the two of us ).  All of our money goes towards housing, and paying back our loans, it would be the best thing in the world to have help with our wedding.  Needless to say we are planning a very simple wedding, and it would mean a lot to me to be able to wear a beautiful  dress on our day.  

Our love story is that we met in medical school, for the first semester eddy would always try to find excuses to study with me, and I would always make excuses to study alone, not wanting to get distracted from my work.  We went to school in the Caribbean, and at the end of the first semester, due to flight issues, we both got stuck together on the island for an extra week.  During that week, every day he would come to pick me up, pull me away from my books, and take me on adventures.  Every day I felt myself becoming more and more attracted to him.  By the end of the week we hadn't kissed, but I had a major crush, when I flew home I could not stop thinking about him, I've never felt this way about a man before.  When I flew back to the island after the break, I told him my flight was going to come in at 6am.  After a series of delays, I finally made it to the airport by 5pm.  When I got off the plane, there he was, standing in the airport waiting for me.  I asked how he knew my flight was going to be late, and with such sincerity he said he had been waiting there since 6am.  I immediately knew he is my forever.  We've been together ever since (6 years.)  As an aside, my grades actually went up after we started dating. 

About my career: I always knew I wanted to be an obstetrician/gynecologist as I feel it is my calling.  I love connecting with other women about all kinds of wellness: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I love being knowledgeable about the body, how to heal. It's been amazing to be supportive of other women during the one the most intimate, and challenging times of their lives, particularly now in light of the virus, and all of the challenges that has brought with it.

Thank you for reading, and for considering our story.

Lexi C.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

My name is Lexi C. and I would like to enter in your #loveisnotcancelled giveaway. I have been dreaming of getting an Azazie wedding dress, but COVID-19 has changed a lot of our plans! My fiance, Paul, is an essential worker, but was also furloughed. He was having to go out, putting himself at risk, while also getting his paycheck reduced by almost half. If money weren't enough to push our wedding, my entire family lives 1,500 miles away! I am the only member of my family that lives in Texas, as the rest of them are still in Michigan. Once COVID-19 hit, we knew they wouldn't be able to travel down for our wedding, my parents and little brother included. We have rescheduled for next December and this dress would be a dream come true to help kickstart what is hopefully a celebration with loved ones! I have attached a picture of Paul and I, as well as a picture of him with a mask I sewed for him as he continued to work long hours in the sun, so he would at least have a reason to smile!

Thank you for your consideration!

Shin W.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

Hi there, I would like to say how grateful we are for giving back to the community during this time!

I would like to nominate my friend Shin Wei (@shinnny on IG), who is an oncology nurse at UCLA Medical Center and because of COVID, she has been floated to other units, all with COVID patients- ER, ICU, and medical/surgical floors- the first 2 months. The past month her original oncology floor became the designated COVID floor in her hospital and has been working there since. Not only is she out of her comfort zone, but also working long 12h graveyard shifts, averaging 5-6 hours of sleep during the day. Because of working with COVID patients, she has moved out of her home to keep her parents safe and has been apart from her fiancé as well. Despite being physically and emotionally exhausted, she still manages to make time to connect with friends and family to make sure they are doing well. She continues to stay positive even when sacrificing so much to protect her family. Not to mention, she got engaged just before COVID took over and has been trying to make time on her off days, if not exhausted, to plan her wedding. Due to many weddings being cancelled or postponed to next year, it has become more stressful for Shin because she needs to finalize arrangements before there are no more slots available for a wedding planner, floral designs, DJ, photographer/videographer, etc. It pains me to see her stress while being so exhausted from work. It would be the greatest gift if she could win a beautiful bridal gown from Azazie! She is the most selfless friend I know and would greatly appreciate it!

Carrie G.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

My name is Carrie Grace and I'm a motivational speaker who travels the country inspiring schools, companies, and large corporations to make their cultures a better place for all. I'm supposed to be getting married this September but everything is so unknown right now. My bridesmaids all love the light pink dresses on Azazie! 

I'm entering this contest because both my fiancé and I lost our jobs due to covid-19. I'm in the events space as a speaker and won't be able to go back to work until we can have larger events. My fiancé is a photographer and won't be able to work until it's safe to start shooting events again. He had planned a big epic Taylor Swift proposal and had to cancel it due to covid, and ended up proposing in my backyard with an incredible sweet video he made. 

Thank you for offering this giveaway. Since neither of us have much income coming in this would be a huge blessing to us! 

Elana T.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

I saw your contest on instagram to win a bridal gown! My fiancé, Aaron Laviana, and I were planning to get married this July in Puerto Rico but recently postponed our wedding until 2021. Our venue was initial booked all the way through 2021, but after e-mailing our venue almost daily, a date finally opened up: 4-3-2 1! While it was difficult to have to postpone, we know this was the right decision for the safety of our guests and we are thankful it worked out. We are also pretty excited about our epic new date! 

Aaron and I met in college 15 years ago on a school bus to our science class field trip (super nerdy, I know!). We did not date in college and knew each other only peripherally but reconnected in the fall of 2017 via several mutual friends at a football game tailgate. He had recently moved from LA to Nashville and I was living in Chicago at the time. He invited me to visit Nashville so I ended up taking a road trip down one weekend and the rest is history. We dated long distance until I moved to Nashville last July. I have absolutely loved living in Nashville but 2020 has been a weird year. In early March we were hit by a tornado that went straight through our neighborhood. While our house fared ok, our neighborhood was hit pretty hard. We were without power for some time and wedding planning took a backseat while we worked to pick up the neighborhood. Shortly after this, COVID hit. Aaron and I both work in healthcare. I am an ER physician and Aaron is completing his training in Urologic Oncology (think bladder, kidney, prostate cancer). I actually tested positive for COVID towards the end of March. I fortunately recovered and am now back to work, but I did lose my sense of smell (although I'm still hopeful it will come back!). Aaron has credentialed to work in the ICU in case he is needed. 

Despite all of this craziness, we are so looking forward to next April when we can celebrate our wedding safely with our friends and family! I would absolutely love to rock one of your gorgeous gowns for this occasion! 

Thank you for what you are doing!! I know this giveaway will bring so much joy to the lucky winners and I applaud your company for this kindness. 

Stay safe out there! 

Sam A.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

To say that 2020 has been challenging is a giant understatement. The year started out with the threat of war against my Family's home country and 178 people dying in a plane crash because of it. Already, my future husband and I were feeling like life is very fragile, since both my grandpa and uncle passed away the year before. My grandma took it the hardest, losing both her husband and only son within 10 months of each other. We knew we wanted to plan a big engagement because after a solid year of mourning, we wanted something our families could celebrate. They say the two things that bring joy after loss are weddings and babies, and well, a wedding seemed like the right option for us. I always knew I wanted to get engaged with all my family and friends around, so my fiancee planned that at the end of March, while we were all celebrating his 30th birthday on a wine tasting getaway weekend, he would propose to me and all my family and friends would jump out and surprise me. I am so grateful that he would consider so selflessly giving up the attention on his big day in order to give me my dream proposal. When COVID-19 hit, just weeks before our planned birthday trip, all our plans of course went out the window. Not only have we been forced to celebrate all our wedding planning milestones by ourselves (the engagement, choosing a venue, picking the colors)- even though these were things I hoped we could do with my mom and grandma, but we probably wont ever be able to have the big engagement party we dreamed of. Even now, our wedding date is set for next fall and we're not even sure things will be better by then. What was supposed to be a joy-filled experience meant to pull my family our of grief and stress has been largely overshadowed by the pandemic.

I'm still hoping that my mom and grandma can be involved in the wedding planning process somehow, even though COVID-19 has halted most of our plans. Because my mom and grandma are immunocompromised, I'm not sure they will be comfortable going out to stores to go wedding dress shopping before there's a vaccine. Azazie is perfect because we can try on dresses together in the comfort of our own homes, which means I can still have this shared experience with them. Either way, we remain so so grateful for our health and my grandma's health, and cannot wait to celebrate all as a family as soon as possible.


Congratulations to all of our amazing winners! We wish you all the best, and thank you for your support!

Love Is Not Cancelled - EXTENDED! | Congrats to This Week's Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all of our wonderful brides sharing their stories, we have extended the Social Media Giveaway one more final time! You have until Friday, 6/19 to send us your submission. We will be selecting 15 more winners, so enter the contest for a chance to win a free Azazie Bridal Gown of your choice! Here are this week's 7 deserving winners.

Tonni D.

Real Brides, Giveaway, Contest, Azazie, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Love is not Cancelled, engagement

My fiance and I have been impacted deeply by this pandemic along with the world. Yet our story is a little bit unique we have a long distance relationship that has been going on for a couple years now when we decided to marry our plans were greatly organized here at home where I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and also where he lives and Abuja Nigeria West Africa. This is where our relationship and engagement became very unique. He had a passport but needed a visa to come to America. We were approved for the petition for fiance visa in December, all that was left was for my fiance to go to his interview on March 17th, & pass a few questions to obtain his Visa. But this was the beginning stages of the pandemic, quarantine and lockdown. On March 11th the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria cancelled his interview, a week before the interview, and rescheduled for May 12th,; but then a day later cancel that interview as well. So we wait.

Our wedding they would have been today May 2nd at 2 p.m. we realize we would have to reschedule our wedding day but then we got the second date and also cancellation. Our patience and perseverance were scrambled at the core not knowing it was all due to this pandemic of 2020. 

This morning I checking my Google news and I saw this opportunity here for a chance to win a wedding gown. It put a smile on my face thinking of having a beautiful wedding dress to where to lighten up my saddened heart as I Take a Walk to Remember for a lifetime marrying the Love of my Life.

Keeping strong faith because in due time are city, state, country, and the world will open. Finding some type of normal stage of living. The US Consulate and Lagos Nigeria will reopen and continue to take interviews, as then my fiance will pass & obtain his Visa and and no time travel to the states where we must be married within 90 days of the Visa. 

Since his proposal and start of our engagement July 1, 2019, I have been saving & planning for our wedding day.

And today would have been the day, May 2nd @ 2:00 (TEARS****)

The year is going fast, the struggle of our current events requires more courage and obedience. But soon all will be better. We hope to have a opportunity to get a dress...let alone we need help planning a new wedding arrangement..

But a Beautiful dress would lighten up my spirit.

Thank you, have a wonderful day, stay safe....PLEASE


Chelsea and Dillon

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Hi there! My name is Dillon and I saw my fiancé looking at your contest giveaway on your phone and she briefly mentioned it to me. So I wanted to surprise her and nominate her myself.

My fiancé Chelsea is a registered nurse with an MSN on the frontlines. Chelsea loves being able to help those in need and comforting her patients during a very scary time. To her, every patient is someone’s parent, child, sibling, etc, & she doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond for her patients. Even outside of her job at the hospital, Chelsea is so selfless. Recently, she set up a fundraiser for a mother who is in a wheelchair and her son who are homeless in which she had raised over $600. Ever since she found out that they didn’t have a home, we’ve been visiting almost weekly to bring them food, baby wipes, and other medical supplies. Taking time out of her day to want to help other people in need is just a sample of what a caring person she is. Also, she and I are in the process of opening up a home to help people with disabilities. 

She manages to juggle all this and a personal life and planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, so I am convinced she is superwoman.

Although the virus has greatly affected our lives, she continues to be positive and work hard everyday. 

If anyone deserves to win a wedding dress from Azazie, it is my amazing fiancé Chelsea. She and I were so excited because we had plans to get married this year, but sadly we we will have to postpone our wedding because of the coronavirus. 

Chelsea and I met when we were 13 years old, although I had puppy love for her then, we never dated as teenagers, and then reconnected and started dating as adults. She was so supportive and patient when I went to graduate school in Germany and she sacrificed a lot while we did a long distance relationship for almost two years. When I moved back from Germany to California in the fall of 2019, I finally got the chance to propose to the love of my life who happens to be my first crush. We got engaged and planned to get married in July 2020. Sadly, COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench in our wedding plans and for the safety of everyone and due to mandates we will have to postpone our big church wedding. Although when we first got engaged we had an idea of getting married abroad, but because of the economic and health related issues regarding guests, we decided to wed locally. Also, she and I agreed we especially wanted our grandmothers to be there since they were a huge part of our upbringing, however they are aging and sadly my grandmother’s memory is declining. 

Getting chosen for a dress would be such a light and joy for her during this uncertain and emotional time. Before this pandemic shook the world up, she had actually browsed on your site for dresses and in fact all her bridesmaids ordered their dresses from you guys. I know she would be beyond grateful and excited if she won one herself. She always takes care of other people and she deserves the world. 

Chelsea is the most beautiful woman inside and out and I cannot wait to marry her and can’t wait for the moment I can see her walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. Thank you, Azazie, for being so gracious to COVID brides affected by this virus and for giving me the chance to nominate the love of my life.




Rai B

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Hi Azazie! My name is Rai B & here is my story.

Before me and my fiance me, I spent 5 years in a relationship that isolated me from my friends and family. I often found myself drinking to mask the pain and emotions I felt, while being smothered and told that THIS was love. No one should ever feel like this while they are in a relationship with someone who is supposed to love you.

Fast forward a bit, I met my fiance in 2018 at such a low period time of my life!  I'd starting putting myself forward. I'd starting going back out into the world to make friends. I'd also been reaching back out to my family to reconnect burned bridges. I felt strong enough to love again.

My fiancé makes me so complete; I basically fell into the arms of my soulmate! A few days after my birthday in January 31st, 2020, the love of my life proposed to me! I will never forget that day, it was so magical! He said we were going to take family photos, in which we did! Out came the ring, and a downpour of tears to follow. Coming out of an abusive relationship prior, when someone shows you that they love you without instilling fear and physical abuse, you truly appreciate that type of love.

Corona hit, and our normal lives seemed to shatter! My fiancé, a photographer, clientele has been very low over the past few months. We’ve had to reach into our savings to accommodate everyday life. On top of that, we have lost three relatives to the Corona Virus! Because the states are going into a relaxed state, cases are rising, and we fear that there may be a second wave of the virus. It looks like a virtual wedding may be the new “normal,” for us. With other weddings being pushed back, it may be difficult for us to secure a venue again.

I know that this isn’t the way that things are supposed to g. YES, I want to prance around and say that “life isn’t fair,” cry, scream and ask “why me.” I am then reminded that others have it a lot worse than we do. We should thank our lucky stars that we have necessities, our daughter, and ourselves. Regardless of if our wedding is virtual, or courthouse, or private (less than 10 people) I still want to feel gorgeous! It would be wonderful if you all could help offset some of our wedding cost! Honestly, I'm fearful of going to a shop and being in contact with individuals. I love the fact that I can send a dress home and try before I buy! I have about 10-15 dresses in my favorite stash and would love to wear one in November if Corona permits! Thank you for the consideration!


Christina L.

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My name is Annie Ahn. For this wedding dress giveaway I would like to nominate my sister, Christina Le @bee_f88. In anyone is more deserving of this it’s her. She has been a nurse for 8 years and works in the ER in the Level 1 Trauma County Hospital in San Jose, CA. I am also an ER nurse of 15 years and am fortunate to work beside her. She is one of the most caring person I know. She is a huge advocate for her patients and always goes above and beyond for them. She is thoughtful and selfless, always puts herself last. In the past couple of months, she has been spending hours and hours in the hot tents that are placed outside the ER. They screen the patients arriving to the ER before they enter the hospital doors to minimize exposure to patients and staff inside the hospital. Last week she was kicked by a patient in the back, (she is slowly recovering from that) and she wasn’t even angry because he “wasn’t all there” she says. She works countless hours and hours and is always happy. She absolutely loves and is passionate of what she does.

She Is to marry her soul mate in November. She is living with the uncertainty if it’s even going to be a celebration.... She hasn’t tried on any wedding dresses or even planned anything further esp with shops being closed and all. Her plan if she can’t have a reception is to cancel it and plan on having a small ceremony with her close family ans friends. Her fiancé is also one of the most caring person I know. They both deserve something nice. Thank you again for the opportunity and the kindness!


Naomi K.

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Hi Azazie Team!

I have just seen your promotion on KTLA, and would love to enter to win a wedding dress with you!

My fiance and i had planned to marry this month, but due to the corona virus we had to postpone it to July (possibly August, we are just waiting to hear about when the quarantine orders will be lifting).

I am an Australian actor and singer songwriter, based in Los Angeles, and have been out of work since COVID19 came into all our lives, so my budget for a wedding dress has unfortunately been a little diminished. While i have been searching online for what feels like the longest time for the perfect dress for me, i have not yet purchased anything, choosing to wait until we know more about COVID orders (and until a little more money comes through!). 

My fiance (his name is Christopher Brown) has made all the plans for us to marry in Tuscon Arizona, where he is from and where his family all live, and later in the year fly to Australia, where we can celebrate our love with all my family and friends out there, and finally introduce him to them all!

Australia is currently only allowing citizens, residents, or those that are married, into the country (due to Corona), so we cannot visit (we want to be there for Christmas) until we marry. So i have been keeping everything crossed (even my eyes!) that the quarantine orders will be lifted soon, as we didn't really want to have to postpone our special day much longer. 

I have never been married, choosing to wait until i met the right one. So i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am about our upcoming wedding, and would be so happy (and grateful, over the moon even!) to have the honor of wearing one of your amazing dresses/gowns. 

I would also love to share pictures of me in your dress on my special day, and let the world know how kind and generous you all are over at Azazie in giving women like me an opportunity to marry in something so beautiful. 

Thank you so much for even considering me in your competition. If you would like to see my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube page etc, all the links are listed below, including pictures of my fiance and i together. I will also attach a couple of them below, too. 

Thank you so much once again, i really look forward to hopefully hearing back from you!!


Sueanne B.

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Hi there! Watched you guys on KTLA this morning. Wanted to share my story.

     My name is Sueanne B and last October  at the age of 32 I got engaged in beautiful Barcelona to my fiancé who is 36, this will be the first wedding for both of us and we have no children yet. Our Wedding date (picked specifically by my fiancé) was supposed to be 12/12/2020 and we were to be married in a small intimate ceremony on the island of Maui.

     By this time (in a post Covid world)  we would of already flown out to Maui to find our wedding venue which unfortunately we still have not a chance to do because of the Mandatory quarantine for all travelers visiting the island. Also by this time I would of asked my bridesmaids and maid of honor to be part of my wedding party and I have not been able to see them to ask in person due to the pandemic, I also would have already picked out a dress and would be planning a bridal shower.

    At the end of the day we are safe and healthy and our family is too, ultimately that is all that matters. We will still have a wedding maybe a little later than expected and a destination wedding still lies in uncertainty, what we do know is that day by day things are changing and life is returning back to normal and soon we will be able to celebrate love again!


Klaudia W.

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I heard about your giveaway and was hoping I could still enter. My fiancé, Andrew, and I have been engaged since May 2018 and are crossing our fingers that we can have the wedding of our dreams on 8/28/20! We have been together for over ten years and have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We are both frontline workers living on Long Island which is one of the hardest hit areas during this pandemic. I am a Physician Assistant working at a major level 1 trauma center on the frontlines and my fiancé works for the MTA. We have both been isolated from our family and friends for three months because we fear bringing the virus home to our loved ones as we are constantly exposed due to our line of work. We have still been trying to plan this wedding despite this pandemic and are trying our best to stay positive. We hope to get married this year despite all the obstacles thrown our way! However, we are planning a “plan B” wedding since there is a very high likelihood we may have to postpone since everything is still shut down here. Being chosen for this giveaway would be the glimmer of hope we are in search of! So far my bridal shower was postponed and both of our bachelor/bachelorette parties are in jeopardy of being cancelled. At this point, we are just hoping the wedding can happen! Thank you for your consideration!


Enter the giveaway soon! Our final winners announcement will be on Friday 6/19!