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2019 Azazie Scholarship News

We are very excited to share this year's Azazie Scholarship winner! We are proud to invest in the future by awarding scholarships to passionate students who are committed to serving their community. Thank you to all of you who participated and submitted your stories and answers to "Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Why or why not?" See below for the winning submission!

Azazie Scholarship

"Growing up with a loud, gregarious older brother who never ran out of tricks to entertain, made it harder to command attention from others. This is what my childhood definition of what a leader was; someone who just talked very loudly, told people what to do, and was good at everything. My brother, Matthew, seemed to have this down completely with no problem. My naturally shy, unbothered temperament was a setback, and in my mind, I would never ever be this definition of a leader.

But of course, as one grows, perceptions of ideas do, and I realized a leader was now something new. Growing into my middle school years, in my a head, I now thought of a leader was someone who made lists in their sleep, organized big events, had at least a six figure salary, and had assistants that had assistants. A leader was someone like Steve Jobs, someone with money, power and influence. Looking at my 7th grade transcript riddled with B’s and C’s, I found it difficult to spot any similarities between myself and a world of leadership. At the end of the year, student council elections made it clear that my classmates preferred the opposing party, leaving me to discover that I was simply less likable and not ‘leadership’ material.

Once again, my definition of a leader evolved. I now understand that a leader is someone who listens to others with genuine care and concern, is selfless and caring for what they do and the people with them, and has the courage to be a voice for these people that they care for. I realize that a leader is not limited to any specific field, gender, or even report card. As long as you truly care about people and a purpose, so much so that you look past the fear of speaking out, you are a leader. Sometimes I get nervous when I have to talk in front of a crowd, or lead a discussion, or even make appointments over the phone with a receptionist. I used to believe that qualities of being ‘shy’ and more reserved were what hindered me from being a leader. However, I’ve come to realize that those things have little to do who should be deemed fit or unfit for the crown of leadership.

Years ago, when I joined my school’s earth club, I never thought that I would become the club president. I just liked being there. I cared about the causes we raised money for, I enjoyed coming up with ideas for fun events, and I really, truly just loved the people that I did these things with. It was a nice escape from the ups and downs of life, and it allowed me to make a change in the world for something I cared deeply about. It hurt and upset me to see the earth being polluted and damaged, so my immediate response was to turn my thumb green and start making a change with the resources I had. Each year I learned more about the issues that surfaced that individual club members expressed: Bees are dying? We launched a lollipop fundraiser for the honeybee conservancy. The power sources our school used were not good for the environment? We helped push for solar panels that were eventually installed on the roof. Any particular concern or problem that there was, I couldn’t help but care. Having continuous love for this community of people, it was an exciting day when I was honored as the club’s new president--the new ‘leader.’ It finally hit me that I was a leader. The definition that twisted and warped around in my brain now finally fit what I was experiencing and living, and I could not have been more grateful. Being a leader is the opposite of seeking out shortcuts for yourself and stepping on others. It’s building those people up, and being the person that will listen and care.

My time as the club’s president was rewarding, accomplishing, and invigorating. It made me into a more hardworking, motivated person. I am no longer afraid to seek out roles of governance, and proudly consider myself to be a leader." -Emily

Interested about applying for our Azazie Scholarship? Click here for more information, and stay tuned for the 2020 Azazie Scholarship announcement!

5 Celebrity Inspired Azazie Wedding Gowns

If you didn't get a chance to watch our KTLA segment yet, you can watch us here and get inspired by the 5 celebrity inspired Azazie wedding gowns we have in store for you!

If you are looking for a classic, simple, and elegant style a la Katherine Schwarzenegger, the Azazie Baily wedding dress is a match for you.  The Baily gown comes in ivory and white and its sweetheart neckline, draped lace overlay detail and hidden inner corset add a romantic touch.

.Katherine Schwarznegger-Azazie

Katherine Schwarzenegger's image

If you are looking to wow your groom and guests with a non-traditional and bohemian look, the Azazie Morgan bridal gown it is.  Inspired by Mandy Moore's gown, the Azazie Morgan gown is a rose quartz tulle and lace gown that features a beautiful cathedral train ball-gown skirt and is accented by a floral belt for added romantic details.

Mandy Moore- Azazie

Mandy Moore's image

If you want to look like royalty on your wedding day and more specifically, like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, we have the Azazie Marlin wedding gown.  The Azazie Marlin wedding gown makes every "princess dream" come true with its timeless and elegant satin off-the shoulder design.

Meghan Markle- Azazie

Meghan Markle's image

If you want to walk down the aisle looking like Kelly Clarkson, the Azazie Dulce wedding gown is the answer.  The Dulce wedding gown is the ultimate romantic style with its deep v-neck mermaid silhouette in tulle and lace.  You also don't have to sacrifice style for comfort because this dress is designed with soft lace and stretch mesh fabric.

Kelly Clarkson- Azazie

Kelly Clarkson's image

Lastly, if your wedding look is inspired by Priyanka Chopra, you can get the look with the Azazie Ozette wedding gown.  The Azazie Ozette wedding gown combines tulle and lace with a long sleeve high neckline silhouette creating a romantic and elegant look.

Priyanka Chopra- Azazie

Priyanka Chopra's image

Check Out Azazie on The Today Show!

We spent a day with The Today Show to talk about how we are disrupting the traditional bridal boutique.  Watch the clip for more!

The Today Show- Azazie

This Iconic Wedding Accessory is Free For a Limited Time!

We are offering a free veil try on with every bridal sample order for a limited time only!

We want your experience to be flawless and help you in every step of the way to choose your dream wedding look.  The veil adds a finishing touch to your dress and pulls your whole look together and sets the realization of "wow, I'm actually getting married".  Trying your wedding gown with a veil also helps you see if you want to wear a veil on your wedding day or not. If the answer is yes, it helps you narrow down the perfect length.

The only veil that is part of this limited time offer is the Sandrine. To take advantage of this you just need to have a sample bridal gown in your shopping cart and it will automatically be added prior to checkout.  Once the promotion period ends, the cost of the Sandrine veil samples will increase to $3 with the purchase of any bridal sample. The full price of the veil for purchase will be $19.

30 New Colors of your Favorite Mesh Dresses have arrived!

Whether you are witnessing a couple tie the knot this summer at a destination wedding or just need a wardrobe that will take you from brunch on the beach to a romantic dinner as you are watching the sunset, we have the styles and colors you need.  Our mesh styles now come in 30 NEW colors!

Mesh is a lightweight fabric that is a very comfortable alternative to chiffon.  Think of it as an evolved form of chiffon that looks just as chic, but has more stretch! We currently have 68 mesh styles on our site for you to choose from.  When deciding on the right dress for your travels or destination weddings you are attending, think about what you will be doing. Mesh offers comfort, flexibility, and you don't even have to worry about ironing!

@keepsakeaugust-Leah in Dusty Blue

@keepsakeaugust in Leah Dusty Blue

We love how Bree from ‘Keepsake August’ styled our Leah in Dusty Blue! Bree paired the Leah with nude strappy sandals and minimal jewelry.  This style and color has the right amount of glam and comfort. Thank you Bree for also choosing Azazie to complete your bridesmaids’ looks on your wedding day! Get a sneak peek here.

@thesmilingsweetheart in Tinsley Burgundy

Mona from ‘The Smiling Sweetheart’ looked elegant and chic in our Tinsley dress! Mona created an enchanted evening look and in her own words “An “enchanted evening” for me means getting the chance to wear my boldest eyeliner, a shiny and comfortable pair of heels, a clutch that brings my glitter dreams to life, and a dress that says “I have arrived.”

See more mesh styles and colors below!


Aja | Candy Pink


Darcy | Mulberry


Nessa | Ink Blue


Loretta | Silver


Jael | Raspberry


Whitley | Vintage Mauve


Charlize | Stormy


Rylan | Blue Jay