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Real Azazie Wedding | Kari + Matt

Kari & Matt’s summer wedding had a cozy but destination feel. Surrounded by their loved ones, they said their I Do’s in their hometown. Our favorite part was learning that her beautiful cake was made by her dad! SO CUTE!

Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

“We got married at Tabernacle Congregational Church and our reception was at Colonial Hall at Rockafellas, both in my husband (Matt)’s hometown of Salem, MA. We picked these locations because we wanted a hometown wedding but with a destination feel. Salem with it’s witch-y history and amazing ocean views felt like an easy decision for us!”

real, wedding, bride, inspo, inspiration, planning

Q: Did you have a particular theme or color scheme? Is there a story behind this color theme and why you chose it?

“Our color theme was lime green, orchid, and gold. We wanted colors that looked good and weren’t just picked at random. We started with our favorite colors, lime green and lavender, it didn’t feel right for a summer wedding so we went for a brighter feel and changed lavender for orchid. Once we were happy with those we realized it would be hard to match everything to these specific colors which is when we stumbled upon a The Knot article which showed similar shades with gold. It was exactly what we needed because gold is super easy to find and match!”

real, wedding, bride, inspo, inspiration, planning

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

“The most memorable part of our day was probably my dad making the cake for us. He has made these unique cakes for several family members and when we got engaged so many people asked me if he was going to make it so I finally asked and he agreed! I am not a huge fan of frosting so his cake that is made of cinnamon wafers layered with whipped cream was exactly what I needed. My dad ended up assembling the cake at the reception during dinner and dressed it with peonies and our custom cake topper.”

real, wedding, bride, inspo, inspiration, planning

Bridesmaids are wearing Grace in the color Orchid

Q: Why did you choose Azazie for your bridesmaids?

“I chose Azazie for my bridesmaids because they had the style, color, and price I wanted but also because of the size differences I needed for my girls. I had to fit sizes ranging from 14 down to 00 petite! It was amazing getting to have their dresses custom sized and it still cost less than if we got them from anywhere else.”

Q: Any tips or advice for anyone getting married soon?

“My best tip would be to have a support system. None of my bridesmaids had been married or even in a wedding, my parents live out of state, and my only friend who has gotten married lives halfway across the country. But still everyone was ready and willing to help whether it was a call, text, or in person.”

real, wedding, bride, inspo, inspiration, planning

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not?

“I loved wedding planning. We wanted to get married in only 6 months so I had to make quick decisions about everything but I feel like it helped us to make decisions that were more like what we wanted and not what we thought other people wanted. Yes we paid more with a live band, but people still tell us how amazing they were, yes, we didn’t hire a videographer, but we didn’t think it was worth spending the money on. And I honestly feel like if we put it off another year I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.”

Q: Where did you find/hear about Azazie?

“I heard about Azazie from one of my bridesmaids. Her roommate was in the process of buying dresses for another wedding and ended up buying from Azazie as well.”

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Q: Describe your wedding in one word.

“There are probably many words I can pick to describe my wedding: perfect, musical, delicious (haha), and fun. But I guess the best one would be happy. Even when things were going wrong, I never stopped smiling.”

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

“I would (and am about to) use Azazie again! Everything was so easy and they really care to make sure you are happy. I got an email from customer service after I placed the order because they thought the measurements were wrong, we remeasured, but nope, she’s just petite, so they asked for an extra measurement to make sure she fit properly.”

Photos courtesy of Hancer Photography.

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