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Real #Azazie Wedding | Mark & Katy

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: How did you and your partner meet, and how did you know they were the one?

We met at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, through our college marching band, the Marching Southerners. We'd known each other for a while and finally started talking more and more, and then began dating! I never had a specific "moment" when I knew he was the one - I just knew I'd fallen in love with my best friend and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him!

Q: How did he propose to you?

Mark surprised me with Philadelphia Eagles tickets for my birthday (we're huge fans). We flew up for the New Year's Eve game, and on the way to the stadium we stopped at the art museum (aka the Rocky steps). He proposed with the downtown skyline behind us in 15 degree weather - it was perfect!

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: Who was the most nervous on the big day?

I was the most anxious for sure...neither of us were nervous!

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day what would it be?

Our first look.

Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favorite part of the planning experience? 

My favorite part was picking exactly what we wanted and making the wedding very "us" in every way possible.

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: What inspired you to choose your wedding colors/theme?

I wanted something classy, summery, and southern. I've always loved rose gold, and Mark looks great in a navy suit - so rose gold/navy it was! The theme was rustic/southern, but not overboard on the theme.

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Bridesmaid dress color: Dusty Rose

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue?

We found the venue through The Knot, and visited the Barn at Bennett Flats first, with plans to visit another local barn afterwards. After our tour of the Barn, we got in the car and Mark's first words were "this is it. I don't want to look anywhere else." We saw the second venue just for comparison, and nothing could compare to our venue.

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett FlatsKaty & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Q: Why did you choose Azazie to be a part of your special day?

I loved the dress designs, colors, and how affordable it was for my girls!

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Dress Color: Dusty Rose

Q: What was your favorite part of your Azazie experience?

Every one of my girls (including myself) that dealt with customer service had a great experience every single time. They were respectful, thoughtful, and explained things very well to us. It helped us out so much!

Katy & Mark | The Barn at Bennett Flats

Photos by Heather K Cook Photography

4 Azazie Bridal Gowns on Real Brides!

We absolutely love when Azazie brides share their bridal looks with us! Get ready to be mesmerized by our Elodie, Kia, Sedona, and Griselda bridal gowns.  Azazie has the perfect bridal gown that won't break your bank to make your wedding day dreams come true.  If you are an Azazie bride or know of one, please send your photos to

Check out the Azazie Elodie bridal gown in champagne on Krista.  Krista wore the Elodie for her NYC boat cruise wedding! Photos by Rebecca Ou Photography.

Elodie in Champagne

Elodie in Champagne 2

Elodie in Champagne-Rebeccaou Photography

Alessandra wore our Azazie Kia bridal gown for her wedding day in Italy! The Azazie Kia bridal gown has a detachable tulle skirt that allows you to transform your look in seconds.  Photos by Stefano Druetta.



Kia-Alessandra 2

Dorkah wore our Azazie Sedona bridal gown.  The Sedona is one of our most popular gowns this year! Photos by Ann Mark Photo.

Sedona Sedona 2 Sedona 3

Influencer Zuleika wore the Azazie Griselda bridal gown.  Don't you just love this off-the-shoulder silhouette?!

Zuleika- Griselda Zuleika- Griselda 2

Real #Azazie Wedding | Julie & Ryan


Q: How did you and your partner meet, and how did you know they were the one? 

Ryan and I met during orientation week of medical school. By some divine intervention, we wound up in the same anatomy lab group, so for 18 weeks we saw each other almost every day. Somewhere among these 18 weeks, we decided to go on a jogging date and breakfast and ended up dating a few weeks later. In April of our third year of school, Ryan proposed to me, and we got married a week after we graduated from medical school! I knew Ryan was the one when I realized he was the one person I was most excited to talk to and see at the end of each day. He is the most kind, patient, thoughtful, adventurous, and caring person I have ever met and once we started dating, I couldn't imagine life without him.

Q: How did he propose to you?

In April 2018, Ryan drove down to Washington D.C. from Cleveland and surprised me with a Cherry Blossom proposal during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. His mom and sister came with him from Ohio, where we were both going to medical school at the time. I had flown home just a few hours before he made the drive down, thinking I was just going to visit my parents for a few days before going back to school. I had no idea Ryan and my parents had planned any of this or that Ryan was coming to DC that weekend. He proposed to me in front of both our families and a very large crowd of tourists at my favorite monument, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Needless to say, it was one of the best surprises of all time.

Q: Who was the most nervous on the big day?

Definitely Ryan. He was so nervous that something would go wrong, which he worried would make me upset (that's the kind of person he is). Fortunately our wedding went off without a hitch, and it was the most incredible day!


Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day what would it be?

There are so many moments I want to relive, this was so hard to choose! I think I would want to stand at the altar and recite our vows to each other again as we held hands and laughed and cried.


Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favorite part of the planning experience?

Dress shopping and food and cake tasting!



Q: What inspired you to choose your wedding colors/theme?

I wanted something bold and spring-like, and something that would pop against metallics and golds. I ended up picking mauve, gold, and green as our wedding colors. The green was the easiest part - our wedding venue was lush with springtime greenery!


Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue?

I wanted to go with something unconventional. A close friend of mine had just gotten married at a historic mansion in a nearby city and I absolutely loved the vintage vibe of the event. I picked Glenview Mansion because there were so many different rooms and dining halls and dance halls, and every event of the wedding (the ceremony, the dinner, the cake cutting, the dancing) felt like a separate event and was much more memorable and unique than the traditional ballroom venues. Plus, the springtime greenery and beautiful blooms in the garden made for an absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable ceremony!



Q: Why did you choose Azazie to be a part of your special day?

Oh gosh, where do I begin? I chose Azazie because I was looking for an easy way to get my bridesmaids to pick a dress style they liked. My 4 bridesmaids were scattered all over the country so it was much easier to coordinate an online shopping/searching party than an in-person event. I loved how many different styles Azazie offered- each of my bridesmaids was able to find a dress that was flattering on them. I love that the dresses came in samples and that my bridesmaids could try them on at home before committing to a style and that they could try multiple styles before they made their decisions. I also love that Azazie offered a custom size - two of my bridesmaids ordered custom sizes and ended up saving a ton of money on custom tailoring! I even ended up ordering matching ties and pocket squares for the groomsmen and a roll of Rose Petal fabric for my arch (which made the arch look stunning!) Overall, I was so pleased with the service, responsiveness (I had asked the customer service folks so many questions via chat and they were always so patient with me) and ease of using Azazie for my bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits!



Bridesmaids Dresses & Groomsmen Accessories | Vintage Mauve Color

Q: What was your favorite part of your Azazie experience?

How beautiful my bridesmaids ended up looking in their dresses!

Photos by Jessica Nazarova Photography

8 Wedding Veils for Every Bridal Style

The majority of brides spend a lot of time searching for that perfect wedding dress to say I do in and forget that the veil is also part of the process.  When choosing the veil length and design, you should take into consideration the way you are wearing your hair and how long you want the veil to be.  Also, you should think about the ease of removing the veil.  If you are choosing a short birdcage veil to wear on your big day you can definitely leave the veil on during the ceremony and reception.

If you are more of a traditional bride think about your hairdo and if you want an elbow length veil or a cathedral & chapel length veil.  Azazie offers a variety of wedding veils for every bridal style and we are also offering the Sandrine Veil for a limited time only with any wedding gown that you choose from our try at home program!

1. Azazie Kalena Birdcage Veil

Kalena Veil_176269_Ivory

You can't go wrong on your big day with the subtle beauty of the Kalena birdcage veil, demure tulle and lace combination, and soft sprinkling of beading.  The Kalena birdcage veil is the perfect veil for shorter wedding dresses shown here.

2. Azazie Minerva Veil

Minerva Veil_166187_Ivory

The gorgeous, fingertip length Minerva veil with eyelash lace will leave your guests in awe.  This veil will complete your bridal look paired with the Azazie Indie Bridal Gown.

Azazie Indie cream.front

3. Azazie Charity Veil

Charity Veil_166188_Ivory

The Azazie Charity veil is the perfect statement accessory for your big day and will look flawless paired with the Azazie Anita Bridal Gown.

Azazie Anita BG_221201_Ivory

4. Azazie Diamond Veil

Diamond Veil_166185_Ivory

The Diamond veil will take your look to the next level with its elegant lace trickling throughout this gorgeous cathedral length veil.  Wear it with the Azazie Anita Bridal Gown.

5. Azazie Sheena Veil

Sheena Veil_166145_Ivory

The Azazie Sheena veil will complete your wedding look if paired with the Azazie Saskia or Elvina bridal gowns.  The hand beaded detailing at the hem is the perfect elbow length veil that will have you saying, "I do."

Saskia diamond white.front

6. Azazie Helen Veil

Helen Veil_185803_Ivory

An airy, tiered veil complete with beautiful lace detailing, who wouldn't love the options of the fingertip length Helen veil? Pair this veil with the Azazie Dylan Bridal Gown.

Azazie Dylan BG_217563_White

7. Azazie Enza Veil

Enza Veil_166142_Ivory

Luxurious satin graces the edge of this tiered, chapel length veil, giving you options for styling your walk down the aisle.  Complete your look with the Azazie Destiny or Sorrento Bridal Gowns.

Destiny Diamond-White.front (1)

Sorrento Diamond White.front

8. Azazie Talia Veil

Talia Veil_166149_Ivory

The Talia is an elbow length tulle veil that is simply sweet and perfect for almost any look.  Complete your look with the Azazie Adeline Bridal Gown.

Adeline Diamond-White.front (1)

5 Celebrity Inspired Azazie Wedding Gowns

If you didn't get a chance to watch our KTLA segment yet, you can watch us here and get inspired by the 5 celebrity inspired Azazie wedding gowns we have in store for you!

If you are looking for a classic, simple, and elegant style a la Katherine Schwarzenegger, the Azazie Baily wedding dress is a match for you.  The Baily gown comes in ivory and white and its sweetheart neckline, draped lace overlay detail and hidden inner corset add a romantic touch.

.Katherine Schwarznegger-Azazie

Katherine Schwarzenegger's image

If you are looking to wow your groom and guests with a non-traditional and bohemian look, the Azazie Morgan bridal gown it is.  Inspired by Mandy Moore's gown, the Azazie Morgan gown is a rose quartz tulle and lace gown that features a beautiful cathedral train ball-gown skirt and is accented by a floral belt for added romantic details.

Mandy Moore- Azazie

Mandy Moore's image

If you want to look like royalty on your wedding day and more specifically, like the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, we have the Azazie Marlin wedding gown.  The Azazie Marlin wedding gown makes every "princess dream" come true with its timeless and elegant satin off-the shoulder design.

Meghan Markle- Azazie

Meghan Markle's image

If you want to walk down the aisle looking like Kelly Clarkson, the Azazie Dulce wedding gown is the answer.  The Dulce wedding gown is the ultimate romantic style with its deep v-neck mermaid silhouette in tulle and lace.  You also don't have to sacrifice style for comfort because this dress is designed with soft lace and stretch mesh fabric.

Kelly Clarkson- Azazie

Kelly Clarkson's image

Lastly, if your wedding look is inspired by Priyanka Chopra, you can get the look with the Azazie Ozette wedding gown.  The Azazie Ozette wedding gown combines tulle and lace with a long sleeve high neckline silhouette creating a romantic and elegant look.

Priyanka Chopra- Azazie

Priyanka Chopra's image

Pairing the Perfect Shoes with Any Special Occasion Dress

The key to finding the perfect shoes to go with any special occasion dress is balance.  You can't go wrong with nude, metallic, or black shoes.  You can also match the color of your shoes to your dress for a monochrome look like the red ensemble below.  For a more romantic look opt for strappy sandals and for a more polished and sophisticated ensemble opt for pumps.  We went ahead and put a few looks together for you to help you narrow down the choices! See below and let us know what you think :)

Cocktail Dress Code Event

Cocktail Dress Code Event

Pair the Summer dress in red with red ankle strap heels from M. GEMI.  The Summer is a bright red spaghetti strap cocktail dress with slight hi/low flare at the bottom that will stun the room when you walk in.  M. GEMI launches brand new unique styles every Monday so make sure you check them out weekly.

Special Occasion Dress for a Family Affair

Family Affair

Pair our Halle dress in black with these very cute clear sandals from Steve Madden to create a flawless and comfortable look.  This look is perfect for birthday celebrations, baby showers, BBQs...The Halle is a floral floor length a-line flowy special occasion dress perfect for all of your family affairs.

Formal Dress Code Event

Formal Dress Code Event

Turn heads in our Nadia dress in rust and these gold peep toe sandals from Bella Belle.  Bella Belle specializes in beautifully handmade bridal and evening shoes.  This look has the right amount of details for any formal event you are invited to.

Engagement Party or Dinner

Engagement Party or Dinner

Our Riya in dusty sage and these Margaux customizable sandals are the definition of beautiful comfort and make the perfect dress and shoe ensemble for an engagement party.  Check out Margaux's bridal category to design and color match your dream pair of shoes!

Black Tie Event

Black Tie Event

Our Davina comes in 50 colors and it is made out of our stretch mesh fabric and will mold beautifully to your figure.  You can't go wrong with wearing an elegant black silhouette dress like this one with either silver or black classy heels from Aldo to a black tie affair.

6 Wedding Guest Styles to Try Now!

Wedding season is in full swing and we've got 6 different styles that will put you on the best dressed guest list!  Pair any of these dresses with silver or gold strappy sandals and some statement earrings to complete your look.  When choosing the color of your dress, try to steer away from what the wedding party will wear and from wearing white (unless requested by the bride).  Dress code and guidelines are usually highlighted on the wedding website.  Lastly, remember the most important thing of all! To have fun!

The gilded bellini

@thegildedbellini in Avril | Pearl Pink

AzazieXLillianBabaian3 (1)

@lillianbabaian in Fiona | Black


@charmaine.charmant in Molly | Red

Blogger_ Samantha

@samanthamilliganxo in Ayana | Watermelon

trendy chickadee

@trendychickadee in Susan | Dark Navy


@Charmaine.charmant in Kendra | Blushing Pink

Instagram Roundup - Beach Weddings

Blue hues and ocean views! These beach weddings beautifully showcase our variety of blue colors from Spa to Dark Navy.  Check out some of our favorite tagged beach wedding photos from Instagram.



Dresses in SpaJadePeacockInk Blue, & Dark Navy

IMG_1487 (1)


Dresses in Spa

NMP_BM_TR_Gina & Khyrie_BLOG_0049


Dresses in Dusty BlueMist, & Sky Blue



Dresses in Dusty Blue & Dusty Rose

We would love to feature you in our next Instagram roundup! If you're interested in being featured please direct message us on Instagram for more information.  See you next week and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @iheartazazie!

10 Ways to keep your guests hydrated at your summer wedding

You’ve got your venue, the date, the food, and the drinks down for your summer wedding.  Now it is time to start thinking about how you will keep your guests and wedding party hydrated so that they enjoy every moment of your wedding.

Here’s how you can add some cool and fun moments while taking care of your guests!

  1. A printable DIY program that can also be a fan

program image 1


  1. A bucket full of water for your guests

water- image 2

Wedding Chicks

  1. Serve pink lemonade in mason jars

pink lemonade- image 3

DIY & Crafts

  1. Custom lip balms

lip balm- image 4

My Wedding Reception Ideas

  1. Shades for all

Sunglasses- image 5


  1. Coconut water cart

coconut cart- image 6

Rock My Wedding

  1. Watermelon bites

watermelon- image 7

Weddings Online

  1. Ice cream truck

Happy Wedd

  1. Prosecco popsicles

popsicles- image 9


  1. Custom facial mist

facial mist- image 10

This Iconic Wedding Accessory is Free For a Limited Time!

We are offering a free veil try on with every bridal sample order for a limited time only!

We want your experience to be flawless and help you in every step of the way to choose your dream wedding look.  The veil adds a finishing touch to your dress and pulls your whole look together and sets the realization of "wow, I'm actually getting married".  Trying your wedding gown with a veil also helps you see if you want to wear a veil on your wedding day or not. If the answer is yes, it helps you narrow down the perfect length.

The only veil that is part of this limited time offer is the Sandrine. To take advantage of this you just need to have a sample bridal gown in your shopping cart and it will automatically be added prior to checkout.  Once the promotion period ends, the cost of the Sandrine veil samples will increase to $3 with the purchase of any bridal sample. The full price of the veil for purchase will be $19.