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Who Can Bring a Plus One?

The guest list is one of the major tasks that you will have to conquer when planning your wedding. When choosing who makes the cut for the final list, it can be hard to decide who gets a plus one and who has to come solo. Here are some things to consider!

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When sending out invites to couples, you should address both partners by name in the invitation, and they should not be counted as a plus one. Plus ones are generally given to your single guests as a courtesy, so that they can choose to attend your wedding with a date if they wish.


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Staying within your budget for your wedding is always the goal. Some will argue that the most expensive cost of your special day will be the food. The average cost of a wedding meal per person is $85! It’s always a good idea to incorporate plus ones into your budget.


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Seating Arrangment

The singles table, is it a real thing? Some brides enforce the rule “No ring, No bring”, meaning that if you’re not married you are coming solo. So should you throw all your single friends at one table? Or should you allow them to bring a plus one? Many brides have mixed feelings about a singles table, but you can use it as an opportunity to play matchmaker!


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At the end of the day, you wedding day is all about you! As long as your surrounded by your favorite people you can count on countless smiles and loving memories! What are thoughts about plus ones? Let us know in the comments!

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